Enhlis CASE 3 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays – 750 words

Enhlis CASE 3 – Term Paper Example

Prezi is sometimes is called the zooming presentation, and it is used to create presentations that are considered more dynamic than power point. The presentation or the story is laid out in a visual canvas and the area can be changed to see more details or less detail. Power point is more flexible for some slide purposes and you can do a variety of things with it. Discussion There are certain differences between the two software, and the biggest difference is probably the non-linear nature of Prezi against the linear structure of power point. In many occasions power point remains the staple for most presentations and forms the basis for much of the visual content delivered in online presentations and trainings ( Bunzel, 2006). Let’s try a completely non-linear presenting or for teaching approach. Like having a very detailed Prezi and takes cues from your audience at which bits they want to look at: if the learners can access then you don’t have to use traditional presentation in the beginning. Power point has linear navigation, uses slide stack layout, computer based, and has multiple printing options. Power point is more popular than Prezi which is non-linear, uses map layout, web based, and has limited printing options. Try and present your learners with Prezi to look around, you can also try and add your content. Learners will work through and take notes or use the content that they find most useful. Power point is good at creating lecture framework, visualizing content, organizing student note-taking, and explaining complex concepts and processes through charts, graphs and animations. The look of your presentation of power point software can be affected by difference in font sizes in different computers (Norwood, 2009). Prezi is a presentation that allows you to display your ideas in form of images, text, videos. Etc., by planning to them or zooming in on them. With the ability to zoom the images, Prezi also provide some tools to edit those objects including tools to rotate, resize, recolor, and crop them. With the high and faster technological growth in the world, the use of power point is become more unreliable compared to Prezi. In fact, (Norwood, 2009), says that, ‘power point presentation are so ubiquitous these days that the mere name of this software has become synonymous with ‘boring’ and ‘mundane’.’ Prezi being an online based becomes a more evolutional and convenient software. The use of Prezi for system upgrade is more effective and brings more impacts to the new jobs. The use of Prezi provides a wide range of presentation and is more productive nowadays than power point. Unlike power point prezi is not being affected by the difference in fonts of different computer systems. Therefore it’s more productive and easy to access. Power point is always installed in the system. That makes it difficult to share the work done with power point to other people. Being online based software, Prezi is an alternative for student’s lecturers, and researchers. The ease of sharing the worksheet and personal presentation via internet since it’s an online software. The use of Prezi can be highly recommended for upgrading since it is a best chance of improving income. The use of Prezi is convenient in advertising, mailing and any business related work. To improve corporate finance it’s advisable to use Prezi. Conclusion It is clearer that most people use power point than Prezi.